BEPS Holding, a history of growth and expansion

Beps Holding was created by Dr. Peter Lembke in late 2019 to maximize synergies between its two companies: Beps Biopharm SL, a company located in the city of Toledo, Spain and VitalRemedyMD Inc, located in Boca Raton, USA for future growth and expansion.




Creation of the company BEPS Biopharm in Tarragona, Spain


Launch of "Columbus Eggs" - first high-concentrated Omega-3 egg - in Spain


Launch of the company's first nutritional supplement line under the "BEPS" brand in Spain


"Beps" brand launched in Taiwan


"Beps" brand launched in South Korea


Launch of premium supplement line "Puro Omega" in Spain


Launch of third-generation premium Omega-3 supplements combined with other bioactive ingredients named "DHANEO" in Spain and Portugal


Creation of Beps Holding GmbH in Germany


Purchase VitalRemedyMD Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, USA


Incorporation of Beps Biopharm S.L. into Beps Holding GmbH


Launch of educative platform

2020 – Acquisition of BEPS Biopharm (Spain)

In 2020 Beps Holding GmbH acquires Beps Biopharm SL, a company that has two lines of nutritional supplements: “Puro Omega™” known in Spain as “the Omega-3 specialists” and targeted mainly at physicians and other health professionals. DHANEO™, the second line of premium nutritional supplements which innovates with the combination of Omega-3 and different natural bioactive extracts such as Ginkgo biloba, coenzyme Q10 and other vitamins offering unique synergies, enhancing bio-absorption and helping to improve effectiveness and health benefits for the consumer.

2020 – Acquisition of VitalRemedy MD (United States)

In 2020, Beps Holding acquires the American company VitalRemedyMD Inc, created in 2002 by Dr. Seth Baum, physician and cardiologist, former president of the American Society of Preventive Cardiology, Medical Director of Women’s Preventive Cardiology, Clinical Affiliate Professor of Integrative Medical Sciences at Florida Atlantic University, member of the Council on Epidemiology and Prevention of the American Heart Association.

VitalRemedyMD Inc is dedicated to the formulation and marketing of premium nutritional supplements aimed at optimizing overall health, especially heart, brain, joint, and immune system function.

2020 – Creation of Omega-3 Academy

In its desire to contribute to the popularization of science, Beps Holding GmbH has launched the educational platform Omega-3 Academy ( ), aimed at health professionals of all specialties, providing a helpful tool to understand in more detail the numerous health benefits of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Dr. Peter Lembke, the visionary Founder of the Holding Company

His passion for the highest quality omega-3 supplements and his enormous curiosity and desire for growth led in 2003 to the foundation of his first company Beps Biopharm SL in Tarragona/Spain. This company specializing in the formulation and multi-channel marketing of omega-3 supplements of the highest quality under the brand PuroOmega™ (, has grown to become today the leading brands recommended by health professionals in Spain.


Peter Lembke graduated in Food Science and Chemistry from the University of Wuppertal, Germany. During his PhD studies he developed the first industrial process of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) for the purification of omega-3 fatty acids at the Institute of Applied Physical Sciences of the University of Saarbrücken/Germany, which was patented by the current world leader in the production of pharmaceutical Omega-3 fatty acids, the German KD-Pharma Group ( .

An innovative and award-winning scientist

Dr. Peter Lembke has published numerous scientific articles, co-authored several books on separation technology and holds several international patents. In 2015  EY named him among the finalists of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Germany.

A life with Omega-3   

Dr. Lembke spent over 30 years of his career in the Omega-3 industry, where he was responsible for the R&D, production, and commercial expansion of highly concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industry.